West Voz Forest (西ヴォズ森林, Nishi Vozu Shinrin) is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is found north of Biron Monastery in Drake Kingdom. West Voz Forest was known throughout Drake Kingdom for its possession of a Genesis Tree.


The Ra-Seru Heroes visit the forest in an attempt to revive the Genesis Tree under orders of Master Zopu. The trio reach the end of the forest only to find that the Genesis Tree has been killed due to long exposure in highly concentrated Mist. Fortunately, they find that the Ra-Seru Egg is still alive. Using their powers Meta and Terra split open the carcass of the dead Genesis Tree and take the Ra-Seru Egg with them. It later hatches after reviving East Voz Forest's Genesis Tree revealing the Thunder Ra-Seru, Ozma, who merges with Gala.


West Voz Forest is filled with a large variety of plants and trees as one would expect. Various hollowed logs large enough to walk through lead to separate areas of the forest. Toward the back of the forest is a gorge that blocks the way to the Genesis Tree. A single stalk of Bridge Grass lies in front of the gorge that can grow to cross the gap and be strong enough to walk on. Fertilizer can be found within West Voz Forest to speed the growth of the Bridge Grass and allow Vahn, Noa and Gala to walk across it.



  • Nighto (LVL 1)
  • Vera (LVL 1)


  • Lippian
  • Frog


  • Dark Stone (Accessory)
  • Deep Sea Jewel (Hidden Item) (Accessory)
  • Door of Light
  • Fertilizer (Key Item)
  • Healing Bloom
  • Healing Leaf
  • Magic Amulet (Accessory)
  • Medicine x2
  • Noa Feral (Weapon)
  • Ra-Seru Egg(Key Item)
  • Shield Elixir


The Dark Stone can be found in a treasure chest where the Genesis Tree is after completing the story events in Noaru Valley. The Dark Stone increases defense against Dark powers and can be given to Zalan in Jeremi to be turned in to a Dark Talisman. The Dark Talisman enables the wearer to summon Songi's Ra-Seru, Jedo.