Spirit is one of the four actions that can be performed by a character during battle. Spirit is selected by pressing Down on the D-Pad during a character's turn.

Spirit does not deal any damage, but it does have enough defensive benefits for a character to have it considered as a useful option.

Selecting Spirit will:

  • Boosts the character’s AP by 32 (this can be increased with the use of some equipments, such as Zalan's Crown);
  • Increases the number of Art Blocks for the next turn;
  • Increases the chance of blocking an opponent’s attack that turn;
  • Reduces the damage taken by an opponent’s attack that turn.

It's interesting to note that even if the character had not actually performed the Spirit animation, but merely selected Spirit, they still receive the benefits of damage reduction and block chance.

Throughout the game, smart use of Spirit is key, especially for some of the boss battles such as Xain or Zeto, who spend a turn charging for a powerful attack.