"The world's largest city, Sol, is known by many as Legaia's entertainment capital. Visitors enjoy the full facilities, theaters, fighting arenas, amusement parks, and more! Sol is actually a single giant structure with a history going back hundreds of years. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Karisto Kingdom from the observatory at the top floor.!"

- Official Guide to Sightseeing in Karisto

Sol Tower Front Castle Side
Sol Tower (階層都市ソル, Kaisou Toshi Soru, alt. "Soll") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is the largest and most technologically advanced city in Legaia. Sol Tower is located in the kingdom of Karisto and is operated by a monarchy like the other cities of the three continents.


The construction of Sol began in the age of the legendary Emperor Etora I. It is said that Etora I chose this site because of the Genesis Tree. Since mythical times, the Genesis Tree has been considered the guardian tree of Sol. For some unknown reason, the Genesis Tree withered in the age of the Holy Emperor Etora IV. Etora IV moved the Genesis Tree to Biron Temple in keeping with the prophecy of Hari. This monument is dedicated to the memory of the Genesis Tree.


There was a war between Sol & Conkram that lasted for many years. However, as time went by Sol was slowly but surely gaining ground against Conkram. It is thought that the warrior Gaza was a large reason for this turn in the battle. But the biggest reason for Sol's fortunes in battle were because of the new Seru appearing out of Uru Mais, which was under Sol's control. However, appearing from out of nowhere the Mist consumed Sol Tower and countless civilians were turned into Seru monsters or killed. The civilians who escaped the Mist, by retreating to the upper floors of Sol Tower where the Mist could not reach, lived in endless paradise.


Muscle DomeEdit

The Muscle Dome is both an arcade and a fighting arena. Inside there are slot machines a fighting mini-game and a major Endurance-style combat arena where you may fight some of the hardest enemies in the game using Vahn alone.


The Slot Machines in the Muscle Dome work just like the one in Vidna and essentially like Slots in real life. You choose to put coins in and press buttons(X, O and S) to determine when the columns in the slot machine stops. Line upthings right (3 in a row) and you can get a lot of coins.

Slot Payout:

  • Pufferfish and Revived Genesis Tree.................................................... x30 Payout
  • Dormant Genesis Tree, Lippian, Red Lippian..........................................x 9 Payout
  • Coin...................................................................................................x20 Payout
  • Kick/Punch.........................................................................................Bonus Game

Easy Money: If you watch the wheel spinning closely, you will notice that Punch and Kick with spikes (Blue and Yellow) are going around in circles, try to catch three in a row and you will get to the bonus game. If you get the bonus game, try to catch all 10's. each column is multiplied together, so 10x10x10 is 1000 coins. Play even longer and you will start hearing "Kick" or "Punch", once you hear this, you can easily press the buttons to get the bonus games again. Once you are done use the Muscle done shop to buy Soru bread.(100 coins each) Aside from being important to the story, these loafs also sell for 3,000G a piece.

Baka FighterEdit


{C}Baka Fighter is a mini-game that is basically a rock-paper-scissors arcade fighter. Both you and your opponent press X, O or S (square). the formula for which Button beats which is:

  • S beats X
  • O beats S
  • X beats O

Each enemy gives you coins when defeated that are added to a pool, if you win the whole game (13-14 enemies) you gain about 460 coins. However, if you pick a certain character on any given machine, you can fight hidden bosses such as Xain.

Baka Fighter

Baka Fighter Round 1


A battle arena!
Only Vahn can fight.
There are three difficulty levels, each giving you a larger number of coins than the last. Each Round is also harder than the last. Running in round 1 of each of the 3 Tournements awards you with the Chicken King. This Item allows you to escape from all non-boss battles. Losing or Running will signifigantly reduce the number of coins you gain.

Beginner Course
Equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
Magic is allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 818 coins if you win
Round 1 Red Piura
Round 2 Skeleton
Round 3 Drake Ghost
Round 4 Caruban
Round 5 [Fire] Gola Gola
Round 6 Zeto
Round 7 [Thunder] Viguro Lv.2
Round 8 Xain

Expert Course
No equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
Magic is allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 1532 coins if you win
Round 1 Black Piura
Round 2 High Gomboo
Round 3 Dark Ogre
Round 4 Gold Bison
Round 5 Ironman
Round 6 Caruban
Round 7 [Light] Aluru
Round 8 Xain

Master Course
No equipment allowed.
No items allowed.
No magic allowed.
Accessories are allowed.
You get 13,856 coins if you win.
You also get the War God Icon IF you have
beaten Jette in the Absolute Fortress.
If you beat the arena before you beat Jette,
you can NEVER get the War God Icon.
Round 1 Ironman
Round 2 [Thunder] Viguro Lv.2
Round 3 Gold Bison
Round 4 Caruban
Round 5 Zeto
Round 6 Berserker
Round 7 Xain
Round 8 Dohati
Round 9 Lu Delilas
Round 10 Che Delilas
Round 11 Gi Delilas
Round 12 Zora
Round 13 Jette

Token Shop And Token SellerEdit

{C}In the Muscle Dome there is a shop that sells things for coins as well as a lady who will sell you coins. The Seller Sells Tokens for 100G per token.

Token Shop

Item Cost in Coins
Earth Egg 100000
Evil God Icon 10000
Lost Grail 8000
Life Armband 5000
Deluxe Rod 2500
Vitality Ring 1000
Magic Ring 500
Healing Berry 250
Incense 200
Fury Boost 150
Soru Bread 100
Gold Card 50
*Earth Egg won't appear until you have 100000 coins.

Sol Fever DiscoEdit



Dance Minigame

Dance Mini-game

The Disco is where you can engage in a dancing mini-game using Noa. Sucess will net you items. You'll need a Gold card to enter (you can buy one at the Muscle Dome) and 500G to enter the dance contest.

Winning the Dance Contest you get 3 Items:

  • 10,000G
  • A Swimsuit
  • After winning talk to the Disco King to receive a Speed Chain.

If you lose you can try again until you win. Upon winning the contest there will be no more contests from that point on but you can still access the dancing mini-game with everybody dancing with you on stage in the background (Noa's image will now be on the slideshows behind the stage).

Sol BroadwayEdit

Is a little place where Gala helps out a theatre group. Enter Sol Broadway and talk to Mon. He will ask Gala to help him. With Gala's help the show is a success. However, you don't get anything except that now you can enter the show for free. It is a nice distraction, but really there is little point to this place for most people.


Jazz ClubEdit

This bar is mandatory to access for storyline progression. You see the return of Cara and meet her lover, Grantes. There is also a Pianist and a prostitute that will tell you a story if you buy her drinks.

  • There is also a Funny scene with Noa misunderstanding Cara and Vahn.
Jazz Club

Black Market/WarehouseEdit

A bunch of kids run a blackmarket where you can buy:
Black Maket


  • Healing Fruit............10,000G
  • Magic Fruit............... 8,500G
  • Life Grail..................40,000G

While the healing and magic fruits are high priced, the Life Grail is a very good item to have and if you have the money is a good buy.

Biron TempleEdit

Resides at the top of the tower. This temple is home to a small group of Biron monks. You receive the Genesis Tree Sapling from Old Deez, the leader of the monks in Sol Tower, upon entrance. This is also where you fight your first boss battle in Karisto Kingdom.However,after you fight Gaza,when you were low HP or MP you can talk to biron monk on northwest,just talk to him then answer yes,then you have free heal instead of spending money on the inns on the lower floor.

File:Gaza 1.png

Machine Room/Sage's Treasure ChestsEdit


The machine room operates the controls for the guard dog that prevents access to the lower levels of Sol Tower and thus Warrior's Square. The Sage's Gate can only be removed by activating this machine, however doing so is quite tricky, as the Ra-Seru heroes soon discover. In order to move the it all of the Sage's Treasure Chests must be fed Soru Bread. Soru Bread sells in the Sol Bakery for 6,000G a piece so the heroes must either spend a fortune or Vahn must compete in the Muscle Dome and purchase Soru Bread from the prize counter, a much better deal.

The items carried by the Sage's Treasure Chests are:

  1. Magic Water (+4 Magic)
  2. Wisdom Water (+4 Int)
  3. Swift Water (+4 Spd)
  4. Wonder Elixir (Raises all stats for the duration of one battle)
  5. Power Water (+4 Atk)
  6. Healing Berry (Full heal)
  7. Life Water (+16 HP)
  8. Guardian Water (+4 Def)


Once all of the Sage Treasure Chests have been satisfied a rumbling in the distance will indicate the removal of the Sage's Gate:



Warrior's SquareEdit

Located at the very bottom of the tower. This is where the tower's Genesis Tree Seedling is placed and is also where you face Gaza for the second time. Because the air in here was secluded for so long it grew stale and made the temperature very cold.


Upper Level ShopsEdit

Arms Shop
Item Cost
Beast Buster 14,500
Bloody Claw 9,500
Survival Axe 10,800
Master Armor 15,400
Hero Boots 15,500
Royal Crown 9,400
Tempest Robe 13,400

Items Shop (inside Bakery)
Item Cost
Life Ring 9,500
Power Ring 8,000
Stone Amulet 15,000
Nature Amulet 8,000
Healing Flower 400
Magic Leaf 1,000
Door of Wind 200

Soru's Bakery
Item Cost
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000
Soru Bread 6000

Lower Level ShopsEdit

(Available after reviving the Genesis Tree)

Arms Shop
Holy Claw 17,000
Battle Axe 15,600
Hero Seal 12,500
Expert Armor 22,200
Steel Boots 18,000
War God Plate 28,800

Items Shop
Guardian Ring 8,000
Speed Ring 8,000
Wisdom Ring 8,000
Healing Berry 3,000
Healing Bloom 600
Phoenix 1,600
Door of Light 200