Snowdrift Cave (吹き溜まりの洞窟, Fukidamari no Doukutsu, alt. "The Cavern of Drift") is an area north of Mt. Rikuroa where Noa and Terra are first introduced. It is in such a remote part of Drake Kingdom that not even the Biron monks who travel the world know about it.


After Vahn fights his way through Drake Castle and heads toward Mt. Rikuroa, Noa is introduced through one of her dreams in which a pulsating light calls out to Noa, claiming to being her mother. Noa wakes up within Snowdrift Cave and is told by Terra that she must remember her dreams as they may tell the future.

Noa then proceeds down the cave, where Terra quizzes her about the Mist and related subjects before leading Noa to an area where she trains to do combat. Later, as Terra is about to tell Noa more about her past, an earthquake occurs and opens up a passage to the outside world, causing the mist to pour into Snowdrift Cave. Noa and Terra leave the cave and head to the Genesis Tree of Mt. Rikuroa.


Snowdrift Cave consists of various long, winding paths with occasional large open areas. Mushrooms grow throughout the cave, providing sustenance for the creatures living inside it. A corner of the cave holds a small body of water and next to it are gigantic mushrooms surrounding a thatched roof. Within the back of the cave is a pit where a large group of Piuras congregate.