There are seven attributes in Legend of Legaia: Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, Dark, Earth, and Water. Each attribute has Seru monsters representing them and an affinity with each main character. Elements are important as they determine how much damage a character will do when summoning Seru or attacking physically, as well as how much damage they will take from certain enemy techniques.


Each of the elements has an affinity with one main characters.

Attribute Positive Affinity Normal Affinity Negative Affinity
Fire Vahn
Wind Noa
Thunder Gala
Light Gala Vahn, Noa
Earth Vahn Gala Noa
Dark Vahn Noa Gala
Water Noa Gala Vahn

Seru and Ra-Seru AffinititiesEdit









  • The Light attribute has the most Seru monsters at five.
    • It has only one Seru monster that can do damage, Aluru, whose attack may instanly annihilate an enemy.
  • The Dark attribute has the least amount of Seru monsters.
    • Nighto is found early in the game, while Puera is found late in the game.
  • The Fire attribute has the weakest fightable Seru, compared to the other attributes.
    • The last Fire Seru is found on the second continent, Sebucus Islands, while the others are found in Karisto Kingdom, the third continent.
  • All Wind Seru hit only 1 enemy.
  • All Water Seru hit all enemies.
  • If a character attacks a Seru with the same attribute (i.e. Vahn attacks Gimard, both being Fire), all physical attacks (Arts included) will only inflict half damage.
    • The opposite, however, doesn't apply. If a Seru attacks a character with the same attribute, it will inflict normal damage.