The Sebucus Islands (セブクス群島, Sebukusu Guntou, lit. "Sebucus Archipelago") is a location in Legend of Legaia. The islands are completely disconnected by land from Karisto Kingdom.



CGI of the Sebucus Islands

The Sebucus Islands is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands, 33 hot springs and 11 volcanoes situated to the north of Drake Kingdom. In the south of Sebucus, the city of Jeremi is nestled in a mountain. On the top of Jeremi's tall tower lies a Garden with a Genesis Tree.

North of Jeremi, near the middle of the Islands, lies the town of Vidna. Vidna is protected from the Mist by a series of powerful steam-powered giant fans, which were built in order to cool off the townspeople from the humidity created by the hot springs.

To the northeast of Vidna, at the near center of the Islands lays the capital of Sebucus, the 1,000 year-old city of Octam. Octam holds a large shrine dedicated to Tieg, known as Rem in Sebucus. Legend has it that Rem sleeps underground and causes strange events when angered. Within the Rem Shrine, the prophet Hari lies in sleep, waking up to spread the words of Rem.

Deep underneath Octam lies prehistoric ruins, where the citizens of Octam fled to by use of an elevator once word of the Mist became known to them. East of Octam lies the Shadow Gate, which is said to have been a holy place in ancient times, but for unknown reasons. It was named after the god of the sea, Tohn due to the fact that pressing one's ear against one of the ancient stones in the area will enable one to hear the sound of ocean waves.*

Northwest of Octam is the city of Ratayu, home to Lord Saryu the ruler of the Sebucus Islands. Ratayu was also known for its hot springs but was nicknamed the "City of Checkpoints." Ratayu was known throughout Legaia for having the technology to create massive Seru, a legendary Seru called Juggernaut. Ratayu is located east of Mt. Letona, which holds a Genesis Tree.



  • The Gate of Shadows is actually called the Gate of Torn in the Japanese release. This is why the Official Guide to Sightseeing in Sebucus states that the Shadow Gate is named after Tohn, god of the sea.
  • There are 2 Genesis Trees in this region (the fewest of any region).