The Point Card (ポイントカード, Pointo Kādo) is a recurring item in the Legaia series. In both Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga the Point Card accumulates points equal to 5% the price of a weapon or item purchased at a shop. The Point Card can be selected in battle to attack a single target for damage in battle.


Legend of LegaiaEdit

The Point Card is found in the second floor drawer of the shop located in Rim Elm. The drawer is locked at first but will unlock as soon as Vahn has stepped onto the world map. However, it will only be available before Juggernaut consumes Rim Elm (at the end of the game). The Point Card can attack for a maximum of 9,999HP worth of damage at a time. When used in battle the Point Card will expend all its points onto the target, regardless of target HP, if points available on the Card are less than 9,999.

Item InformationEdit

Point Card
Effect Earn points worth 5% of the price when you shop.
Find At Rim Elm
Cost Free

Legaia 2: Duel SagaEdit

The Point Card is found inside the back drawer in Hawke's room in Nohl as soon as Lang is controllable. The Point Card accumulates points the same way as in Legend of Legaia, but has some slight differences in the way points are expelled in battle. The Point Card can now dish out more than 9,999HP worth of damage at a time. Also, instead of wasting all the card's points on one enemy like in the previous game, it only does damage equal to its maximum health. For example, if 99,999 points are stored on the Card and the target has 50,000 HP, then the Card will take away 50,000HP that turn and have 49,999 points remaining.