パルマ, Paruma
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Thunder element button Light element button
- Weak - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- Strong - -
Location Muscle Dome
Faction Good
Host Vahn (Best)
Gala (Average)
Noa (Worst)
Levels 1-9
MP Cost 200
Summon Spell Meteor Cluster

Palma (パルマ, Paruma) is a hidden Ra-Seru of the Earth element in Legend of Legaia. He is able to travel through space and can summon a cluster of meteors to attack enemies.

Palma is a hidden Ra-Seru and as such carries no direct involvement with the plot. However, he is a very useful Ra-Seru to have and is strongest when summoned by Vahn. Palma can be used as soon as access to Sol Tower is granted, making it the first of the optional Ra-Seru that can be obtained.


Palma is a very large and robust Ra-Seru, which is typical of Earth element summons in most games. His head is quadrilateral shaped and attached to a large bulky neck. Palma's torso is vertically long and narrow while his arms are wide and bulky. He has three gigantic fingers on each hand and a hard rocky exterior. Spread throughout Palma's body is a purple-colored substance that appears to be energy of some kind that portrudes from the inside of Palma's body.

How to ObtainEdit

In order to obtain Palma, Vahn must garner up a total of 100,000 coins by any means necessary. Generally, the quickest way to obtain this many coins is by having Vahn repeatedly enter the Muscle Dome.

It is recommended to wait until completing all the story events in Karisto Kingdom before trying to obtain Palma, as Vahn usually won't be strong enough to complete the expert or master courses in the Muscle Dome when first arriving in Sol, and therefore will be limited to fighting the Beginner course where gaining 100,000 coins will take a much longer amount of time.

Once receiving the required amount of coins, speak to the woman at the prize counter for her to offer you the 'Earth Egg' for 100,000 coins. After receiving the Earth Egg, travel to Jeremi and speak to Zalan for him to change it into an Earth Talisman. Equipping the Earth Talisman will allow the wearer to summon Palma.