ミュール, Myūru
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Thunder element button Light element button
Weak - - -
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
Strong - - -
Location Buma Fishing Hole
Faction Good
Host Noa (Best)
Gala (Average)
Vahn (Worst)
Levels 1-9
MP Cost 200
Summon Spell Deep Avalanche

Mule (ミュール, Myūru) is a secret Ra-Seru of the Water element in Legend of Legaia. It travels through large bodies of water and will transport enemies on the field into the ocean in order to attack them.

Mule is a hidden Ra-Seru and as such carries no direct involvement with the plot. However, he is a very useful Ra-Seru to have and is strongest when summoned by Noa. It can be used as soon as access to the fishing spot next to Buma is granted.


Mule looks like a gigantic shrimp. It has a transparent blue body and a large blue jewel on top of its proportionally small head, which contrasts the rest of its body by being yellow in color. Mule swims using two large fins attached to the ends of its arms, as well as a tail that moves vertically up and and down.

How to ObtainEdit

In order to obtain Mule, one must earn 20,000 points in the fishing mini-game. Once this is done the Water Egg will show up on the prize menu and can be purchased. After receiving the Water Egg it must be given to Zalan in Jeremi where he will turn it into a Water Talisman. The Water Talisman will enable the wearer to summon Mule.