Mt. Rikuroa (リクロア山, Rikuroa San, alt. "Mt. Rykloa") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is a mountain located northwest of Drake Castle and south of Snowdrift Cave. Mt. Rikuroa serves at a pivitol meeting point for two of the protagonists, Noa and Vahn. The mountain was considered sacred due to its Genesis Tree.


There are two seperate plots about Noa and Vahn at Mt. Rikuroa as the two traverse the mountain from the north and south side respectively. The two plots merge when the two meet at the Genesis Tree.


Mt. Rikuroa's summit

Noa and Terra travel up the mountain in hopes of reaching the Genesis Tree. After a mini-boss fight with a Golem that blocks off the northern passage to the mountain, Noa and Terra arrive at the top of the mountain next to the Genesis Tree.Terra tells Noa the story of how Noa's cries woke her, causing Terra to attach herself to a wolf in order to protect Noa as her body was too small.

As the two approcach the tree, Zeto emerges and tells them that he destroyed their camp at Snowdrift Cave and summons Caruban to kill the two for not submitting to the Mist. Caruban attacks and injures Terra and Zeto leaves the two.

Meanwhile, Vahn procedes up the mountain after Meta senses that a Ra-Seru is nearby and that they will find friends nearby. Vahn reaches the top of the mountain where he finds Terra and Noa being attacked by Caruban. Terra recognizes that Meta is nearby and has chosen Vahn. Terra asks Vahn to help Noa and her, leading to a boss battle between Vahn and Noa and the Caruban.

After the boss battle, Vahn awakens the Genesis Tree and Terra leaves the injured wolf to attach to Noa. Vahn and Noa join together and, following Meta's advice, depart for the restored Drake Castle.


Mt. Rikuroa is a a mountain with long winding paths throughout the inside of the mountain as well as on the mountain's surface. Many paths lead to items, while others lead toward the mountain's peak. A Genesis Tree is located toward the top of the mountain. It is very rocky and barren and susceptable to earthquakes.



  • Caruban is the first true boss battle in the game.