エイミ, Eimi (Amy)
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Occupation Housekeeper, Nanny
Hometown Rim Elm
Location Biron Monastery,
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Maya (エイミ, Eimi, lit. "Amy") is Mei's mother.


Maya was trapped in Biron Monastery when the Mist came and hasn't seen Mei or her husband Juno in nearly 10 years. She acts as a mother figure to the Biron Monks and is extremely caring yet energetic.


Maya is found after Rim Elm's Village Elder sends Vahn to go see if she's alive within Biron Monastery and bring her back so that Mei can be with her only other blood relative after her father Juno's death. Maya recognizes Vahn immediately and is very excited at his arrival. After he tells her of Juno's death at a festival at Biron dedicated to Vahn and Noa, she heads back to her room. Within the Mist Vahn and Noa can find a letter which reveals that Maya decided not to go back to Rim Elm so that she could care for Gala and Songi, as she had essentially raised them since childhood.

After Songi betrays Biron and the Mist Generator of Drake Kingdom is destroyed, Maya has no reason to stay in the monastery and travels back to Rim Elm to be with Mei. She acts as Mei's support as well as Noa's foster mother until she can find her real parents. Possessing a kind heart, Maya never believed that Songi was an evil person and to the very end felt that he turned wicked due to the Seru he put on.