A dancer of amazing skill and grace, already a legend, Queen of Dance, Mary!
メリンダ, Merinda (Melinda)
Personal Information
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Occupation Professional dancer
Hometown Sol Tower
Location Sol Fever Disco
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Likes Dancing
Dislikes People who don't know their limits
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Relationships Disco King (Fellow dance legend)
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Mary (メリンダ, Merinda, lit. "Melinda") is a minor character in Legend of Legaia. She is titled the "Dance Queen" of the Sol Fever Disco.


Mary is a voluptuous woman with big, blonde hair tied in pigtails that hang down at the sides of her head. She wears a black bustier and black tights with a short, gold skirt on top. She also wears white gloves over her hands. Mary wears thick eyeliner and has dark blue eyes.


Mary is an elitist snob who treats those she considers lower than her in status with scorn. She is also rather promiscuous. Hints of this can be seen in some of her dance poses in which she sticks out her butt toward the audience.


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Early LifeEdit

Mary became known throughout Sol Tower for her impeccable dancing abilities. She was bestowed with the title of "Dance Queen" after winning the Sol Fever Disco's dance contest and became the most popular female dancer, having her pictures shown on projections along with the Disco King during dance shows. At some point she recorded a diary that became lost in the lower levels of Sol Tower. It is described as being vulgar and garishly covered. She may have had an involvement with one of the monks of Biron as a particular monk in Sol Tower's Biron Dojo seems to indicate due to his knowledge of the existence of her diary.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

"I hate people you don't know their limitations. Lowlifes like that should just disappear."
—Mary to Noa

The Ra-Seru heroes meet Mary inside Sol Fever Disco after obtaining a Gold Card as a prize from the Muscle Dome. Noa enters the preliminary rounds for a dance contest upon encouragement from the host putting the contest together (and can even take lessons from the Disco King in preparation for the contest). After making it through the preliminaries with another girl named Cathy, Noa gets shoved aside by Dance Queen Mary as she takes her place center stage with her very own theme song.

Noa prevails in the contest and defeats Mary, taking away her title and the prize money, along with a fancy swim suit. Mary blames her losing on the judges being "nearsighted or something"


  • Mary's Diary can be found at the basement level of Sol Tower in a bookshelf. Arts can be learned from a monk on Sol Tower's observatory if the diary is given to him