Light Egg
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Vital statistics
Type Accessory
Effects Resists light
Source Given by Cara
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A

The Light Egg is carried around by Cara for most of the game. After reviving the three Genesis Trees in Buma, she'll give it to you as a reward.

While equipped, it protects the wearer from Light based attacks. It can be taken to Zalan in Jeremi and crafted into the Light Talisman, which allows the wearing to summon the very powerful healing spell Horn


The Light Egg was presumably found in one of the Buma Genesis Trees by Cara. The other two are Mule and Palma. Cara uses the Light Egg to travel through the Mist, immune to the effects of it. Cara first reveals the egg at the Karisto Flying Train Station, and informs them that she did not know it was a Ra-Seru egg. Later, in Buma, when the Genesis Trees are revived, Cara willingly gives the Ra-Seru heroes the Light Egg, stating that she no longer needs it.


- The Light Egg is the first Ra-Seru given to the player outside of Meta, Terra and Ozma, and is the only one given from the storyline. However, to summon Horn, the player must take the egg to Zalan in Jeremi to be crafted into the Light Talisman. This is never told to the player, though it is hinted at the first time the player visits Jeremi.