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Gaza is a lone warrior in Legend of Legaia who wanders the lower floors of Sol Tower, living the path of bloodshed and carnage. After Seru monsters killed his family in the Mist, he vowed to live the rest of his life slaughtering the Seru and Seru-possessed monsters in return. Though he does not take life without reason, he will kill anyone who tries to prevent him from fulfilling his vow. His weapon of choice is the Astral Sword, a special sword made from the bones of dead Seru.

Gaza was widely known throughout Karisto Kingdom as the deadliest warrior within Sol's ranks, and superior to every individual soldier in Conkram's army. For years he participated in the war against Conkram, and his reputation for how easily he slaughtered his enemies caused the soldiers of Conkram to run away at the sight of him. Gaza's participation was no doubt helping Sol in their slow but steady sign of victory. However, appearing from out of nowhere the Mist consumed Sol Tower and countless civilians were turned into Seru monsters or killed, including Gaza's entire family.

The civilians who escaped the Mist by retreating to the upper floors of Sol Tower where the Mist could not reach lived in endless paradise. However, Gaza swore that he would spend the rest of his life slaying the Seru that destroyed his family.


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