狩人, Karyuudo
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Occupation Hunters for Rim Elm
Hometown Rim Elm
Location Hunter's Spring
Rim Elm
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Relationships Ixis (Member)
Juno (Deceased member)
Vahn (Absentee member)
Val (Former member)
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Hunters (狩人, Karyuudo) are a group of NPCs in Legend of Legaia that are responsible for gathering food to bring back to Rim Elm.


Hunters all have short hair that is either brown or black. They wear sleeveless shirts and long pants and always have a large axe strapped to their back.


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The hunters of Rim Elm were men of age who traveled outside the Wall surrounding the town when the Mist was pushed back by the Mist. They had hoped to catch game for the town before the wind changed direction and the Mist closed in, bringing the crazed Seru with it. The hunters were the only means of keeping the town fed and safe from starvation. As the Mist became thicker throughout the years, the hunts became more more dangerous and more and more eligible men of age were dying on the hunting trips. The age requirement to join the hunt was reduced to 14 due to the fewer numbers of eligible men.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

The hunters first appear at dusk right after Vahn trains with Tetsu and gets measured by Mei for the hunter clothes she is preparing for him. Unfortunately, the hunters were unable to bring back the food they had caught as the town's best hunter, Mei's father, Juno, was attacked by the Seru monsters and killed while out on the hunt. The hunters are able to bring back his body after his death for a proper funeral. However, as there is so little food left in the village, the Village Elder cannot call off the hunt for the next day. He and the other hunters let Vahn decide whether or not he will join them on the hunt the following day.

After Vahn obtains Meta and drives away the Mist from Rim Elm, Vahn meets the hunters at Hunter's Spring on his way to Biron Monastery. The hunters are impressed by his ability to make it to the spring on his own and introduce him to a man named Lezam, who explains that he had been caught in the Mist as a Seru monster while on his way to Rim Elm by King Drake's orders until Vahn drove it away from Rim Elm and the surrounding areas. While at Hunter's Spring, the various members of the hunting group give Vahn tips about how to survive on the outside world. It is revealed that since the Mist was driven away from Rim Elm, hunting had become much easier and game was being brought back to the town in abundance. Village Elder even gave his permission to let the 13-year old Ixis join the hunting crew.