Hunter's Spring (旅人の泉, Tabibito no Izumi, alt. "Nomad's Fountain") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is a gathering place for hunters from Rim Elm to rest. Little information is given about Hunter's Spring, however four statues of armored knights that were placed at the site at some point give information about various mechanics of fighting and magic.


The only events to happen in Hunter's Spring, a very brief cutscene and a conversation with Lezam, are both skippable and are not essential to the overall plot.

Upon Vahn's arrival at Hunter's Spring, the hunters are impressed by Vahn making it all the way to Hunter's Spring and tell him to talk with the merchant Lezam. Lezam says that he is a servant of King Drake who had been turned into a Seru while traveling but returned to human form thanks to Vahn. He asks Vahn to help Drake Castle and says that King Drake made a frightening decision shortly before the mist came.


The Hunter's Spring is the smallest location to appear in Legend of Legaia, consisting of only a grassy area and a large fountain. Four statues in the northwest corner offer explanations on various aspects of the games such as the combat system, equipment, and status ailments. Close to the statues is a fountain that restores HP and MP.




  • Hunter's Spring is the only location to be neither a town or have Seru monsters.
  • Hunter's Spring is the only location that can be completely skipped.
  • Lezam appears only at Hunter's Spring and has the shortest screen time of any named character.