ホルン, Horun
Elemental affinities
Fire element button Wind element button Thunder element button Light element button
- - - Strong
Water element button Earth element button Dark element button None
- - Weak -
Location Buma
Faction Good
Host Cara (egg)
Gala (Best)
Vahn (Average)
Noa (Worst)
Levels 1-9
MP Cost 200
Summon Spell Resurrector

Horn (ホルン, Horun) is the Ra-Seru of Light and possesses the most powerful healing magic in Legend of Legaia. Horn is born from a Ra-Seru Egg like the other Ra-Seru. Its powers will be brought out by Zalan in Jeremi if the Light Egg is given to him.


As an egg, Horn's body seems to be diamond-shaped and shines a radiant light. In its true form, Horn's body looks like a large stem with a red-eyed hook at its bottom. Portruding from its center are long white spikes that stick out in every direction and glow with shining energy.


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Early LifeEdit

Horn formerly resided in one of Buma's Genesis Trees as an egg, until a Soren named Grantes called it forth from the Genesis Tree and gave it to Cara as a symbol of the love between them. Because Cara did not have compassion for the world shrouded in Mist (nor did she know she was carrying a Ra-Seru egg) Horn never hatched. However, its power was still effective enough to protect Cara as she wandered through the Mist when it enveloped Legaia.

Legend of LegaiaEdit

After the Ra-Seru heroes revive Buma's Genesis Trees and convince Grantes to return to Buma, Cara gives Noa the Ra-Seru egg as a reward. The egg was a symbol of Cara and Grantes' love for each other and although she had no idea originally that it was a Ra-Seru egg she regarded it in high value and called it her 'good luck charm'. If the Ra-Seru heroes decide to speak to Zalan in Jeremi he will appraise the Light Egg and turn it into a Light Talisman.

Once this is done the heroes will be able to cast Horn. Even at Lvl.1 it completely restores the health of all party members whether KO'd or not and cures all abnormal status effects. Because of the massive benefits Horn provides its drawback is an obscenely large amount of MP required to cast.