The Fire Droplet! From an age when chaos was the world and the world was chaos...The Fire Droplet is chaos, and chaos is the Fire Droplet.
Fire Droplet
火のしず, Hi no Shizu
Location Uru Mais
Purpose Component of TimeSpace Bomb

The Fire Droplet (火のしず, Hi no Shizu) is a hidden treasure formed when the world was still in chaos. It is used to create TimeSpace Bombs , which are used to blow apart the ice pillars blocking Nivora Ravine and safely destroy the Ice Seru, Koru.


The Ra-Seru heroes discover that the Genesis Trees of Buma are frozen and try as they might they cannot revive them with the Ra-Seru powers. Once they travel to Usha Research Center, they find out from Dr. Usha that the cold air that froze Buma and the Genesis Trees comes from an Ice Seru called Koru, which resides in Nivora Ravine. However, they cannot merely attack Koru, as it has been storing heat in its body for many years and a wrong move could cause it to explode, incinerating them as well as half of Karisto Kingdom with the blast.

Dr. Usha tells them that they must create TimeSpace Bombs to trigger a thermal reversal while attacking Koru in order to destroy him neatly without getting caught in Koru's explosion. He tells them that TimeSpace Bombs can only be created with a Fire Droplet as one of the ingredients, which can only be obtained in Uru Mais.

Mrs. Usha gives the Ra-Seru heros the Ruins Key to Uru Mais, and upon entering the ruins they begin to hear whispers. Three doors on the sides of the pyramid in Uru Mais open after detecting the Ra-Seru heroes have the Ruins Key. Vahn , Noa and Gala each dream separate dreams in Uru Mais, which turn out to be flashbacks into their memories.

After dreaming, Tieg appears and gives them the Fire Droplet. The heroes travel back to Usha Research Center where Dr. Usha makes them a TimeSpace Bomb by supersaturating Power Stones with Dragon Water and throwing in the Fire Droplet last.


  • The Fire Droplet can be equipped temporarily on a party member to have that character's AP remain at 100. The only other item that has this effect is the Mettle Goblet.