East Voz Forest (東ヴォズ森林, Higashi Vozu Shinrin) is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is found to the northeast of Biron Monastery in Drake Kingdom. East Voz Forest was known throughout Drake Kingdom for its possession of a Genesis Tree. Monks of Biron had traveled to the forest from time to time, as it is stated by Songi that he knows his way around the area.


East Voz Forest is notable for it's crystallized weeds that fill the area. These weeds block normal passage throughout the forest and must be broken with a Weed Hammer. In addition to the crystalized grass, East Voz Forest is filled with multiple hollowed out fallen trees, which are large enough to completely surround full grown people like a small tunnel big enough to walk through. At the end of the forest is a large mountain with many ledges that overlooks the Genesis Tree. It appears to be made out of limestone.




  • Twin Tomb
  • Mushrin

Accessories & Items FoundEdit

  • Antidote
  • Azure Jewel (Accessory)
  • Cure Amulet (Accessory)
  • Guardian Water
  • Healing Flower
  • Healing Leaf x10
  • Magic Leaf
  • Medicine
  • Survival Club (Weapon)
  • Weed Hammer (Key Item)


After completing the story events in Noaru Valley the Ra-Seru heroes can come back to East Voz Forest and venture to the Genesis Tree. Pressing 'X' in front of the Genesis Tree will enable Gala to level up Ozma to Lv7 and receive the Ozma summon spell.