Drake Kingdom (ドルク王領, Doruku Ou Ryou, lit. "Dolk Kingdom") is a location in Legend of Legaia. It is one of Legaia's three continents. It is ruled by King Drake from Drake Castle in the far west of the Kingdom. Within the kingdom there are two other places where humans reside as well as many places of interest.



CGI of Drake Kingdom

Drake Kingdom is the least populated and least technologically advanced continent of Legaia, however the continent is filled with abundant resources ideal for hunting and harvesting. Many mountains, forests and rivers are located in Drake Kingdom.

In the southeast along the coastline, lies the Village of Rim Elm, which is protected by a large wall. Biron Monastery is wedged in a pass in the east of the Kingdom. About halfway between Rim Elm and Drake Castle lies the Hunter's Spring.

Other LocationsEdit


Monster Ability Effect Exp. G. Drop Item Steal Item
Green Slime Divide Divide itself in 2 33 9 Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Evil Fly Phosphor Venom 39 11 Antidote Antidote
Gobu Gobu Steal Steal 1 Item 36 13 Healing Leaf Healing Flower
Frog Flip Frog, Poisonous Tongue Venom 122 30 Antidote Antidote
Ostrich Beak Slam None 136 45 Healing Leaf Healing Leaf
Lippian Kiss of Death Numb 128 35 Medicine Lippian Flute
Twin Tomb None None 207 50 Healing Bloom Healing Leaf
Hornet Poisonous Sting Venom 198 22 Antidote Antidote
Gomboo Steal Steal 1 Item 192 55 Healing Leaf Healing Leaf