カルバヌス, Karubanusu
Personal Information
Faction Mist's henchmen
Occupation Servant of Zeto
Hometown Unknown (Mt. Rikuroa)
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Relationships Zeto (Master)
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Caruban (カルバヌス, Karubanusu) is a large Seru with the body of a lion and wings on its back. It attacks Noa and Terra at the top of Mt. Rikuroa and is eventually defeated when Vahn and Meta come to the rescue.


Caruban's body looks largely like that of a lion, except double the size and with a blue-colored mane. The greatest thing differing its appearance from that of a normal lion is its pair of wings on its back, which look like dragon wings. Caruban has white lifeless eyes and extra large canine fangs. It looks the most unique out of any Seru, appearing to be more related to the regular monsters of the Legaia world.


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Caruban is the first boss in Legend of Legaia. As Noa and Terra reach the summit of Mt. Rikuroa they are about to revive the Genesis Tree when Zeto appears from a portal. He taunts the foolishness of the Ra-Seru and summons Caruban to rip them to shreds (as he can't be bothered to kill them himself). Caruban flies down from far off in the distance and encircles Noa and Terra. Terra attempts to use words to send Caruban away, but upon beckoning from Zeto it attacks and almost kills Terra. Zeto gives Caruban permission to do as it pleases with Noa and then disappears. As the situation looks bleak for Noa, Vahn and his Ra-Seru Meta appear at the top of the summit and engage in battle with Caruban. Working together, Vahn and Noa manage to kill the evil Seru.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Caruban has enormous speed and strength and can easily tear apart a normal human to shreds. Despite its large bulk the Caruban is quite agile and can reach incredible flying speeds.

Physical AttacksEdit

Energy-based attacksEdit

Fighting CarubanEdit

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Sound BitesEdit

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  • Caruban is widely considered a very hard boss of unprepared players due his high damage output and health.
  • Caruban Lv2 and Caruban Lv3 will be fought as bosses later on in Rogue's Tower. They should be comparatively easy at this point due to your party's strength.
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