セキアス, Sekiasu
Berserker front
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Berserker (セキアス, Sekiasu) is a Seru boss in Legend of Legaia.


Berserker has a very mutated body structure and appears as if it is related to plant life. Berserker's head is large and hexagon-shaped. On top of his head is a crown of what appears to be small purple eyes. Its torso is shaped like a ring and completely hollow in the center. Extending from its torso are three legs - two of them are side to side and one of them sticks out backward, making Berserker's lower body look like a tripod. On the bottom of its legs are purple spikes that help it grip the earth.

Berserker's right arm extends to the floor and is shaped like a long vine whip, with a small hook portruding out its side. Its left arm is about half as long and ends in a three-pronged purple claw.


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Berserker was a normal Seru until the Mist came and mutated it. Driven mindless and filled with rage, the Berserker is determined to absorb the power of Jeremi's Genesis Tree. When Vahn, Noa and Gala arrive at the Sky Gardens atop the tower in Jeremi, they find the Berserker feeding on the Genesis Tree.

Noa asks why the Seru is acting so weird and Terra responds that long exposure to the Mist has driven it insane. Upon learning that Berserker is absorbing the Genesis Tree's energy, Noa runs up to it and tries to pullit off, though it repels her. The lumbering beast turns around to face the party and attacks. After a grueling battle the heroes defeat the Berserker and revive the Sky Garden's Genesis Tree. Two forms of Berserker are seen once again in Rogue's Tower, however they are just Rogues taking the Berserker's shape.

Fighting BerserkerEdit

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Berserker's Sound BitesEdit


  • Berserker is fought for a total of 3 times in Legaia. Berserker Lvl 2 and Berserker Lvl 3 are both fought as mini-bosses at Rogue's Tower in the Seru-kai.