アヴァロン, Avaron
Avalon will be the world
Alt. names Gold Eyes
Origin Igohl
Race Mystic
Faction Evil
Occupation Leader of the villains
Star shaper
Hometown Unknown (possibly Kravia)
Relationships Doplin (Follower)
Elliott (Follower)
Marienne (Follower)
Rauss (Follower)
Velna (Follower)
Voice Actor (JP) Akio Otsuka
Voice Actor (US) {{{voice2}}}

Avalon (アヴァロン, Avaron, aka "Gold Eyes") is the primary antagonist of Legaia 2: Duel Saga. He yearns to destroy humanity and create a world free of all life besides the Mystic race along with his Origin, Igohl.


Avalon looks much like a human, though very tall and with muscular arms. His Mystic Mark is on his right hand, on the back of the palm. He wears very ornate clothing. His hair is silvery gray, and his eyes are gold, In fact, in the first encounter Lang has with Avalon, in the fight, his name is 'Gold Eyes'.

About AvalonEdit

When he was a child, the people in his village killed all the Mystics living among them. Angered by their actions and in great danger, his Origin was awakened with an explosion, killing several villagers. This made the crater in Kravia. He hates humans and wants to purge them from this world, creating a world entirely of Mystics. He has the origin Igohl who is the greatest of all Origins and holds ultimate power. He also has great powers of his own, such as telekinesis to name only one. Where exactly these powers derive from is uncertain. Like Lang, Avalon is a Star Shaper, however his hatred of the world drives him to cause imbalance within the Source Forge bringing about the destruction of the world.