Ancient Wind & Ancient Water Caves
Script 風々老の洞窟 & 水々婆の洞窟
Romaji Kaze Rou No Doukutsu

& Mizu Baa No Doukutsu

Alternate Granpa's Cave & Granma's Cave[1]
Location Northern Drake (Wind Cave)

Southeast Sebucus (Water Cave)

Establishment Unknown
Population 1 (Ancient Wind Cave)

4 (Ancient Water Cave)

Notable Events Ra-Seru Heroes dream of Hari
Current Status Active

The Ancient Wind Cave and Ancient Water Cave are locations in Legend of Legaia. They are caves found in the north of Drake Kingdom and used as the route for travelers going between Drake Kingdom and Sebucus Islands. Before the appearance of the Mist the caves used to be filled with travelers and tourists on a regular basis. As such, an Old Wizard and Old Witch run inns and shops to tend to their needs.


The Ancient Wind Cave is accessed by the left exit of Biron Monastery and following the river up north. Inside the cave there is a door on the left and a gate on the right. In the left door, resides the Old Wizard who sells weapons and has an Inn to rest at which contains a lever that opens the gate. The right gate leads to the Ancient Water Cave, the entrance of Sebucus Islands.


To enter into the left door, the Mist Generator must be destroyed first. If you go to the Ancient Wind Cave before the Mist Generator is destroyed the cave will be dark with Seru monsters and the door will be sealed with no way of opening it. After destroying the Mist Generator it will be possible to travel through the cave.

Weapons ShopEdit

The Old Wizard runs an Inn and a Weapons Shop. The party can rest in the Ancient Water Cave just beyond for free so it is recommended to only get the desired weapons and pull the lever that opens the gate leading to the Ancient Water Cave.


Old Wizard's Inn and Weapons Shop


Short Sword 2700 G
Fighter Claw 2900 G
Battle Knife 1200 G
Crimson Nails 900 G
Survival Club 860 G
Ironman Seal 940 G
Savior Clothes 1800 G


These Seru can only be found when the Mist is present in the location.


  • Door of Light
  • Healing Bloom
  • Silver Compass
  • Wisdom Water




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